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You may have noticed that our campaign has fallen silent over the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a few major personal setbacks that have made it impossible to continue in this race at this time.

We knew from the outset that this would be a challenging campaign. Running as a first time candidate, starting our campaign late, at the outbreak of a pandemic, may not have been the best footing, but, I was passionate and committed and felt we could build a campaign that would be competitive. And I believe we began to do just that. With the help of our community, we made a huge push to get on to the ballot at the last minute and made it! After that, we were gaining supporters and momentum quickly and on track to earn some great endorsements.

But as this pandemic wears on we’ve had some unfortunate personal developments. At this time I need to turn my attention to the care of my family. So with that said I have notified the City Clerk's office to immediately and formally withdraw from the Phoenix City Council District 3 race.

We are still awaiting instructions from the City as to what happens next, but as soon as we know we will share that information with you. But I thought it was only right not to delay anymore in letting you know what is going on behind the scenes as we tie things up.

For me, the best part of this experience was speaking to so many of you about our district, our city and what we want from those entities for our future.

I want to thank you all for your incredible support! I was humbled by those of you that donated your time, talents and treasure to support me in this race. And I can promise that what we began to build this time will be an amazing foundation for another race in the future. I don't know what race that will be yet but believe me when I say you will hear from me as soon as I do.

Until next time my friends, all my best!





I’m Kristen Pierce (She/Her) and I’m running to represent YOUR voice on the Phoenix City Council for District 3. I want to be the voice of the people of North Central Phoenix. The voice of everyday, working Phoenix families. The voices I feel are currently missing from the conversation from District 3 down at City Hall.

I'm the eldest of four children raised by a single working mom. I’m a Phoenix native and product of the Arizona public school system.

I’ve dedicated my life and career to service leadership. I’ve worked for nearly fifteen years in the Arizona nonprofit sector and another seven in state government, working to build my community by increasing the capacity of those working for the greater good.

I’m a wife, mother, a LGBTQIA+ and disability advocate. A champion for public education, lifelong learning, the environment, equity, diversity, and inclusion. A creative problem solver and coalition builder. I'm also a proud Feminist and the spouse and sibling of two veterans. 

I have a vision of a Phoenix that works for all of us! Good roads, reliable public transportation, clean water, air and land, high quality public education, good local jobs and healthy, safe, accessible neighborhoods. As well as, affordable housing, healthcare and childcare for all.

Join my team and help us work to make that vision a reality!

Help me move Phoenix District 3 forward, together!

Kristen Pierce