Many people have a single reason why they decided to run for office. A single-story or issue that ignites and drives them. A single issue didn't bring me into this race, but several key moments did.

Four years ago, when I got more involved in local politics, I would tell folks that I lived in Phoenix City Council District 3 and I received responses like “There’s nothing in District 3 worth anything except for John C. Lincoln Hospital” and “It's filled with the used auto sale and repair shops and random little stores. Why would you want to live there?”

This sentiment took me by complete surprise. I love my neighborhood and the North Central Phoenix corridor. It’s home to so many families trying to make it, just like we are. It's also surrounded by great mountains where you can hike and forget you are so close to downtown. And it has such character, being an older section of town with such a strong sense of identity. Those random little stores are some of the best mom and pop shops in town. And it was then that I realized I wanted to help represent those neighborhoods, those people.


Another key moment came about two years ago when I sat down with a community leader that I admire and asked him for his advice on how best to serve your community. He responded with the advice someone had given to him years ago, these all-important “10 Little 2 Letter Words.” 

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

I’ve worked as a servant leader in the nonprofit sector my entire adult life. I’ve worked to build communities, to increase capacity and support the greater good. And I want to put people before politics and profit. I’ve worked in state government and seen that when you have a team that does not work together, it bogs down, and it doesn't take care of its constituents.

We need a city council that looks out for all of us without resorting to partisan politics. I’m not controlled by any corporations or special interests. Instead, I am inspired by those around me. My family, my neighbors, my community. That is why I'm doing this. That, and for my daughter's future, so she can grow up in a healthy and thriving community.



  • Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ
  • the eldest of four children raised by a single working mother
  • A graduate of Arcadia High School
  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from ASU
  • Earned a Master's degree from the University of Delaware
  • A graduate of Class IX of the ASU Lodestar Center American Express Leadership Academy program
  • ARTabilityAZ Board member and current Chair
  • Worked in State Government for over seven years
  • Worked in the nonprofit sector for nearly 15 years
  • Served on the Policy Council of the Alliance of AZ NPOs for almost 3 years
  • A Precinct Committee Person for the LD28 Democrats